About Tranquil Soul Photography

Photography started at the age of 6, when given my first camera.


Education, afforded  the opportunity to meet people, who could both teach and inspire in the main disciplines;  technical, composition, darkroom and fun!


After putting the camera on the back burner for a number of years, I picked it up again, following a life changing experience. Having a different perspective on the world and time on my hands, it was the ideal opportunity to resume the photographic journey, the success of which culminated in establishing Tranquil Soul Photography in 2011.


Combining a love of music and art, with a passion for photography to create images, is the greatest reward. TSP have freelanced with; Abbey Road Studios, CPP Marketplace, Rock Choir and Suffolk based music magazine Grapevine, to name but a few, in addition to taking on private commissions, collaboration projects and continuing to pursue in-house creative endeavours.


Tranquil Soul Photography believes the image should speak for itself and the person behind the camera be invisible; hence there are few words on this website. All art is subjective so we leave it for you to decide…


If you are interested in our work please contact  via email – click here.


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